13 Jan 2018

New review

A cracking review on Amazon, of my new children’s book, The Moontree:

‘I am far away from being a young teenage girl who has lost her mother, but I still found this book entrancing.
I wish there had been a book like this when I was setting out into womanhood, it would have lifted what fears I had and also captured my imagination. I can well remember that feeling of being on the cusp, of not really wanting my childhood and all I held dear to disappear and the frisson of fear of what was to come.
I loved the mystical elements of the book, which were never over dramatised; who amongst us hasn't felt some 'other worldliness' around? The author wrote with a lightness of touch which I thought was completely in keeping with the subject. My goddaughter has a daughter of her own just entering this very confusing age. A copy of this book will be winging its way to her.’

16 Dec 2017

Into the Catacombs


`After the bright Mediterranean sunshine the way down the rock cut steps into the catacombs was dark and forbidding. Like going down into the Underworld.'
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15 Dec 2017

Why is Grub so confused and afraid of growing up? What is the secret behind the ivy covered door in her dreams?
This is a story for midwinter, when days are short and shadows whisper in the corners. Snuggle up and close the curtains tight, in case anything is trying to peer in...
...Welcome to Gorthwaite, a village somewhere in England. Walk the winding path of the maze and explore Bone Hill, if you dare. Was that the distant howl of the terrible Bone Hill Hound? Or did you glimpse the ghostly hooded Boggle?
When Grub’s dad unearths an ancient cup with strange markings, dark forces are unleashed and Grub is involved in ways she’d rather keep secret. With a little wise help from Miss Evans, a rather peculiar old lady, she eventually puts things to rights and also faces some of her own darkest fears. 

My new children's novel, The Moontree with beautiful illustrations by Emma Martin.
Available in paperback on Amazon now. 
For competent readers aged about 10-13.
PS adults who enjoy a spooky tale can have a sneaky read too!